Modest Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Modest Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably trying to dress better but getting frustrated when your outfits don’t turn out the way you want.

A year ago, I was the same - I wanted to dress better, and I bought a lot of modest fashion, online. But even after spending so much energy, I still didn’t look as well as I wanted.

Then I heard of the modest capsule wardrobe and decided to try it out.

A modest capsule wardrobe is a thoughtfully curated collection of versatile, timeless, and functional pieces. You’ll buy a limited number of articles you can easily mix and match to create a wide range of outfits. This helps you:

  • Reduce Decision Fatigue: With a capsule wardrobe, you only own items you genuinely love and feel confident wearing. This simplifies choosing an outfit daily, helping reduce decision fatigue and streamlining your morning routine.
  • Save Money: A capsule wardrobe is cost-effective in the long run, as you invest in fewer high-quality items rather than continually purchasing fast fashion that goes out of style.
  • Simplify Wardrobe Maintenance: Fewer items mean less laundry, stress, and clutter. This gives you time and energy to focus on other aspects of your life.
  • Build a Sustainable Lifestyle: A modest capsule wardrobe encourages you to invest in well-made, durable pieces by focusing on quality over quantity. This mindful approach to consumption discourages fast-fashion practices that harm the environment. 

A capsule wardrobe is for you if:

- You want to look good 24/7,

- You don’t want to put TOO much effort into your appearance

- You’re busy and want to focus on other stuff other than clothes all the time

- You want to save money

- You love minimalism 

In other words, if you’re NOT a fashion blogger and just a regular human being who wants to dress well.

Building a capsule wardrobe won’t make you the best-dressed person at EVERY event. However, it will mean that you look elegant and put together, 24/7.

After I built my wardrobe, I decided I was never going back. Here I’m going to teach you how you can do the same.

The first step is deciding your wardrobe’s color palette. Building a harmonious wardrobe means all the items will work well together. You’ll be able to mix pieces to create new outfits.

Neutral Colors

Neutral pieces are your holy grail -they form the backbone of your modest capsule wardrobe. These modest basics can be effortlessly combined with other colors. Examples include black, white, gray, navy, and beige. When buying neutrals, spending the extra dollar or two is fine since they’ll be used more and have to be long-lasting.

Here’s a palette of a wide range of neutrals to give you an idea.

Complementary Colours

These are the colors that give you the room to reflect your personality. Depending on what you want, you can go for a bold palette, pastels, a dark palette, or a specific color.

Usually, this palette is seasonal. Think: people going for orange and reds in the autumn and bright colors in spring. Aim for two to four complementary colors that pair well with your foundation colors.

Here are some complementary color palettes to inspire you:

A Dark Color Palette:

A Pastel Color Palette:

How To Pick Complementary Colours

Aligning your Capsule palette to your skin tone

Finding a color palette to suit your mood this summer

Statement Colours

Statement colors are bold, eye-catching shades that add interest and personality to your wardrobe. These colors can be brighter or more saturated versions of your complementary colors or strikingly different hues.

You only want 3-4 of these in your wardrobe, so I prefer calling them 'statement pieces.' A statement piece could be a neon green blazer or a chunky rainbow scarf. You're excited to style these clothes because they're new and unconventional.

For example, here is a statement green coat on top of a neutral outfit:

Pro Tip: Get out of your comfort zone when picking statement pieces. You'd be surprised how many new looks you can pull off.

Now is the time to experiment with things you think 'aren't your style' or 'just don't like.' When you leave your comfort zone, you'll learn what suits and what doesn't.

Here are some great statement pieces by the modest fashion brand Lashiveve to start you off.

How Many Pieces Do I Need In My Modest Summer Capsule Wardrobe?

I usually go for 25-30 pieces, excluding accessories, or 30-35 pieces with accessories. Here’s the list that I follow, to start you off.

  • 3-4 Long-sleeve shirts
  • 3 Loose pants/jeans
  • 2 Maxi/Midi Skirts
  • 3 Maxi/Midi Dresses
  • 3-4 Shoes
  • 1 Cap/Sunhat
  • 1 Handbag
  • 3-4 Scarves/Hijabs
  • 5-6 Accessories (earrings, necklaces)
  • 2 Light jackets

Check out our collections for some inspiration!

How To Build A Statement Wardrobe

Start With The Pieces You Already Have

At Lashiveve, we don’t believe in frivolous spending on fashion. Mindful spending is good for the soul and the planet both. So start by going through your wardrobe and separating the items you’d like to wear from the ones you won’t be caught dead wearing anymore! You’ll end up with three categories:

  1. Perfect pieces you want to wear this summer
  2. Okayish pieces
  3. Unwearable pieces (Worn-out or plain ugly)

We’ll work on the first type to build your wardrobe. The third goes to charity or thrift stores. Store the second for the next step 

Decide Your Color Palette

When you sort your wardrobe, you’ll see a color trend. Maybe you’ve got a lot of navies and blacks. Or you’ve got a lot of pinks. You can either build on that color or go for a new palette, depending on which *era* you’re in.

Pro Tip: If any pieces don’t align with your palette but are pretty good, store them in a box/suitcase at the back of your wardrobe. You can include them in next season’s capsule.

Determine The Missing Pieces And Shop Them!

This is the fun part. You’ve set aside your neutrals (modest wardrobe essentials) and the complementary pieces which align with your palette. Now count how many you’ve got of each piece. Maybe you’ve only got one wearable shirt. Or perhaps you have no skirts in your collection. Refer to the list above and complete your collection!

A good rule of thumb is to have at least 50% of your items be neutrals. Once you’ve got them down, you’ll find shopping for complementary and statement pieces easier. Another good tip is to have a mix of loose and fitted items in your closet to create cohesiveness. This a hack you’ll see modest Instagram influencers use to look put-together in their photos.

Check out Lashiveve’s range of modest items to get you started building a modest summer capsule wardrobe you love. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for practical modest dressing ideas!

Customers Also Ask

How do you plan a modest summer capsule wardrobe?'

To plan a modest minimalist wardrobe:

  1. Go through your closet to identify your style and color palette.
  2. Select 25-30 versatile and comfortable items in neutral and complementary shades.
  3. Remember: Quality rather than quantity.

How many pieces for a summer capsule wardrobe?

There's no fixed number, but a general guideline is to have around 25-30 pieces excluding accessories, or 30-40 pieces, including all accessories.

How do you make a modest capsule wardrobe?

Choose items with more coverage, such as knee-length or longer skirts or loose-fitting tops. For more coverage, you can get light layering pieces like cardigans or lightweight jackets. Opt for neutral colors and timeless patterns to ensure versatility and cohesion. 

How do I create a seasonal capsule wardrobe?

Start by decluttering your current wardrobe, identifying your style, and selecting a color palette. Select the clothes you can wear this season and store the off-season items away. Give shabby things to charity instead of keeping them. Trust me; they'll look worse when you open them again. Rotate your wardrobe like this every season, storing off-season items and buying new pieces for the current season.